The   Phonetic-Picture  Letters  for  Cutting  out

Below you see the letters (black) and their sound values (red) of the known phonetic picture-writing. This is the phonetic picture-writing with 15 letters, which is used in the interactive program for typing words and in the dictionaries.

--  Print this page (or only its lower part - if you want enlarged or reduced in size). Better print it more than once, as some words contain some letters more than once. Then cut out the letters: at first along the blue lines, then horizontally along the mid of the letter spaces.

--  Now you can   lay words with the cut out pieces   and recognize their sound values at once, as this example shows:

The cut out pieces are combined without vertical spaces. The reading direction is from bottom to top. When reading, you sometimes should supplement the filling sounds i, j, as explained in the main article.   (Remember: the sign    is a shortening for sh like in shoe)

update:  2013 - 1 - 4