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Above you see the 12 letters of our example phonetic picture-writing and 3 more letters: r, v, u (Only v,u are not side-centered). In the field below you can enter latin letters. These appear in the window on the right as phonetic picture-writing.
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Try  the  following  ideograms:
efo - bowl,    onefo - goblet,    fela - face,    lali - star
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H i n t s: - Field "enter letters": You can enter only the lowercase letters e a o u v l n m r s h f t k p and space as word separator. Use h to enter the sound ∫ (= english sh), which sign does not exist on your keybord. - Field "pronunciation": Here the pronunciation of the entered word is shown: If necessary, filling sounds i, j (like y in yes) are inserted to make combinations of consonants or vowels speakable. These i, j are not written, there are no signs for them. more about - Select-box: From this tiny dictionary you can overtake (and then change) words into the field "enter letters"