Phonetic  Ideograms  of  the  subject  "Religion" :             last change:  27.6.00

Many  ideograms  of  the  subject  "religion"  contain  a  light-cross.  It does
not  represent  mainly  the  christian cross, but it is - in the  phonetic picture-
writing  presented here - simply the best  symbol  for "psyche", which easily
can be completed into a face.

The  ideogram  for  "old"  changes, by adding  one sign, into  the  ideogram
for  "death":  after old age comes death.  The  ideogram for  "reincarnation"
contains  the  overlapping  words  for  death  and  birth; due to  the reading
direction  from  bottom  to top  "death"  is below,  "birth"  is  on  top.  In the
ideogram for "birth" a baby face is indicated, but also a general  originating.

All  ideograms  are  composed  (from   bottom  to  top)  of  the  20  letters  of  the
phonetic  picture-writing   described here:    thus  they  can  be  read   acoustically.