Phonetic  Ideograms  of  the  subject  "Visual Arts" :             last change:  30.5.00


Different  ways  of  representing  (picture, relief)  are  symbolized  by  a  face  or
a  man  in  this  aspect  (next  row  of  ideograms).  Similarly,  painting  styles are
represented  by  a  face  in  this  style   (second  following  row).     Bottom  row: 
Some  words,  related  to  the  words  for  painting  styles.


Words touching this subject you also find in the chapter "light and colours"

All  ideograms  are  composed  (from   bottom  to  top)  of  the  20  letters  of  the
phonetic  picture-writing   described here:    thus  they  can  be  read   acoustically.